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Today started off like any other Saturday…where and why did it all go wrong.

Today my 7 year old Basset Hound Ben passed away. Totally unexpected since he was fine all morning but when I got home from the grocery store, found him laid out and unresponsive. I rushed ‘em to the Animal Hospital and it was there they told me he had passed.

Definitely not a very good day

I worry now about Toby. It seemed from the moment I got back from the hospital that he knew what was going on. Either that or was just wondering where Ben was. He kept on running around from room to room and looking in Ben’s kennel as if he was thinking he was in there. The rest of the day Toby has stuck to me like glue, which if you know Toby is extremely unlike him since he’s not usually clingy at all.

Ben was a great dog, lazy but had a funny personality on him that would come out at the most random times which would make what he did even funnier. We’re definitely going to miss you Benny.

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